Video Editor

The Video Editor will work closely with the Marketing Director, development team and creative agencies to produce creative high definition video for broadcast, mobile and online media.


  • Plan, organize, create, process and edit video projects for marketing of MMORG video game using computer software
  • Edit video game trailers, with the goal of conveying the emotional content and attitude of a game
  • Create TV commercials, game trailers and other marketing and production materials
  • Use digital equipment, in-game capture rigs and lighting kit to record scenes according to a script and under a marketing/producer team member s oversight, providing input as needed to ensure a quality product
  • Set up and operate video cameras, light kit, sound recording, and other equipment as needed to produce instructional videos
  • Use audio recording equipment to capture and edit spoken audio tracks for use with other multi-media and animation productions
  • Select, organize, and assemble scenes into a finished rough cut according to a script; Provide input to producer/director to boost visual, dramatic, and/or instructional value
  • Optimize video for websites, mobile devises, YouTube or various other destinations
  • Create and implement motion graphics using computer software
  • Communicate clearly and in a timely manner with all marketing team members
  • Organize and archive video assets using computer hardware and software


  • All candidates are required to submit a demo reel via online portfolio demonstrating ability to make materials of various styles
  • Possess both technical and artistic expertise to push the creative envelope to new heights while adhering to brand guidelines
  • Minimum of three years experience in digital video editing
  • Minimum of three years of experience editing short-form work, especially trailers and commercials
  • Demonstrated experience in capturing footage from video game consoles, PCs, etc
  • Knowledge of video software (i. e. Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Motion, After Effects)
  • Ability to research and recommend video-related equipment, software, and hardware
  • Experience grading and color correcting video for final release
  • Must be able to work quickly and efficiently, hit short deadlines, have strong organizational skills and juggle multiple projects simultaneously. Must be able to deal with high levels of stress
  • Ability to work independently
  • Understanding of digital file creation and delivery for web based video. Transcoding and FTP skills a must. Possess knowledge of capturing digital video from a video game format
  • Must be familiar with basic to advanced color correction and proper audio mixing


  • Bachelor s degree in video/communication field (preferred) or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Knowledge of both PC and MAC OS preferred
  • Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Flash and other CS5 application experience and knowledge highly desirable

Don't Be Fooled

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